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Electrical Engineering

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Electrical Engineering Services

Engineering Design, Procurement, Installation, Commissioning, Operation and Maintenance of:

 1.  Power Systems which includes;
      1. Internal wiring services in public, private and commercial facilities. (conduit, trunking and surface wiring)
      2. Roadway Lighting, Street Lighting, Hotel lighting, garden lighting & Flood lighting on mast.
      3. Industrial Electrical installation & wiring system
      4. Town Distribution Network/Rural Electrification Projects(DISCO)
      5. Installation of medium & High voltage transformer from 50KVA to 37.5MVA, 11/11.5kv, 11/33KV, 11/0.4KV & 33/11KV Transformer substation)
      6. Installation of medium and low voltage switchgear and panel.
      7. Installation of medium & High voltage XLPE and Low voltage cables.
      8. Installation of Solar system, and inverters
      9. Installation of Prepaid Meters (Three Phase and Single Phase Meters) to residential and industrial consumers.
 2. Electrical Machines
      1. AC machines, Synchronous motors.
      2. DC motor
      3. Rewinding AC generators & motors
 3.Electrical Protection and control
      1. Relays, Voltage Regulators, motor control, Switch-gear and lighting protection etc.